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Fused gold on oxidized sterling silver, pink tourmaline set in 18k gold ring - size 71/2

This is a ring I dreamed about and when I woke up in the morning, I grabbed a cup of coffee and went straight into my studio and didn't look up for 6 hours. I bought a small of tourmaline gems from a carver in Pakistan and this is one of my favorite. 

But who cares about the small talk right? This ring looks awsome on the hand and if it fit me I would wear it myself. Just a small dash of funky and a large dose of elegances. There are two 2mm CZ diamonds set in the field of this ring. Just one more bit of small talk (aka sales stuff)  I make each of the little 18k gold granules one at a time and then fuse them to the silver. Okay one more thing, the base metal is reticulated silver, which is a fancy way of saying; heated up till it wrinkles, sort of hard to do.